We have a lot to say about interior design at Theofano.

Our qualifications combined amount to 4 design degrees, 2 teaching qualifications and over 100 years of experience!

We know how hard it is to find that trustworthy and knowledgeable designer, and although we prefer to chat with our clients in person, we can offer some guidelines through this website post, to walk you through how we tend to do things here at Theofano.

Walking through your front door should be a sensory experience which reflects everything you love, including the sights, sounds and even the smells of what you call ‘home’.

Sound and music are key in the ambient appeal of home. You may love the soft sound of silence, so try a wallpaper which absorbs sound, rather than painted walls which can bounce the sounds back. Curtains also soak up sounds so remember this when you plan your window treatments. If you love music, you can have surround sound in your home, or even home cinemas fitted by the guys at majikhouse.com.

Aroma and fragrance are equally important. Diffuse scent gently using reed diffusers or perhaps a wellbeing pod by Neom Organics home fragrance. We also love their candles for their ambient light, and how each range is designed to help with your personal wellbeing need. For other fragrance combinations, we stock Marmalade Candles in the shop at Whalley, offering a range of exciting blends such as Prosecco and Juniper and Patchouli and English Rosemary.

As for the visual experience, it is a daunting task for anyone to get those walls, windows and floors all working together in perfect harmony! As a general rule, we think the ideal room setting will have a combination of the best of everything. Never use the same brand names for the whole scheme – try elements from your favourite High street shops, something currently ‘on trend’, a timeless classic, and a bit of luxury from a designer brand, depending on who you like of course; it could be ZoffanyRomo, Vanessa Arbuthnott or one of the many brands we stock collections of.

Collecting your images together on Pinterest is a wonderful idea. Creating and sharing an inspirations board will help us to understand your style and find the right products for you. Theofano have both their own portfolio of completed work and an inspirations board full of their own favourite things. Take a look some time and see if you agree with our choices! Our advice for online ‘D.I.Y. room designing’ is to try to limit your inspirations or ‘mood board’ to around 6 strong images. Sometimes, it’s about knowing when to stop, rather than losing yourself in visual overload!

If we have any promotions or something exciting to share, it’s good to be following us on Facebook and Instagram. We like to share our furniture painting workshops, sales items and the occasional competition.

So, as you can see, we are a great source of help and advice. Come and visit soon for a brief chat or a full consultation service, (for which we charge very reasonable rates). You will save yourself so much time, take the stress out of planning and pricing and make new friends in the process.

Thank you for reading,

The Theofano Design Team.