Working with wallpaper

When you move into a new home, the interior spaces are not always saying ‘maximum visual impact’, and more often than not, it’s because of what is on the walls. So, how can we change the biggest and most visually powerful surface of a room, without getting builders in to move entire walls? We need to use pattern, colour, texture and scale, and those four elements combined are exactly what wallpaper can give us all in one incredible product. At Theofano, we work hard to get the right wallpaper for our clients. Quite often, customers come in to browse the collections and leave with a completely different plan for their walls than the one they first came in with. The needs of each home are so different, and heavily advertised influences like ‘trending’ colours and designs are not necessarily capable of meeting the actual requirements of the space we are working with. […]

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The Theofano guide to making a house your home.

We have a lot to say about interior design at Theofano. Our qualifications combined amount to 4 design degrees, 2 teaching qualifications and over 100 years of experience! We know how hard it is to find that trustworthy and knowledgeable designer, and although we prefer to chat with our clients in person, we can offer some guidelines through this website post, to walk you through how we tend to do things here at Theofano. Walking through your front door should be a sensory experience which reflects everything you love, including the sights, sounds and even the smells of what you call ‘home’. […]

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